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  • Advising on how to improve profitability using extensive experience of budgeting and financial planning.
  • Formulating Business Reviews to assist clients with analysis of their sales performance Vs the market.
  • Giving directional advice into product sectors achieving market growth and which represent a strong sales and profit opportunity to retailer and client.
  • Coaching clients in their approach to retailers, maximising their potential of becoming a valued supplier and strong ongoing trading relationships.
  • Reviewing product presentations to highlight gaps prior to them being submitted to retailers, thus increasing the chances of products being selected.
  • Sharing Buyers’ requirements – what they consider makes a supplier ‘1st rate’ and one with whom they would like to grow.
  • Devising dynamic, tactical promotional plans to maximise uplifts – dependent on product type, price point and seasonal variation.
  • Marrying up small businesses with suitable distribution partners – having 21 years of contacts has proved invaluable with product placements.
  • Assisting clients clear overstocks through association with a clearance house.

Product Development:

  • Progressing product ideas from conception through to completion with entrepreneurs
    (several of whom have been on Dragons Den).
  • Creating new ranges and brands – both ‘Magic Choc’ and ‘myStyle’, have won industry awards and following their great sale success are set to go global.
  • Imparting market knowledge of toy sectors in order to extend potential business opportunities through diversification into new sectors.
  • Devising optimum range for specific retailers based on their strengths (eg: price architecture, market share, customer demographic).


  • Working with licensors to help maximise product sales (& royalties) through ensuring contracts are granted to the best partners available – ie those licensees with whom retailers want to grow their business from a quality, supply and trading terms perspective.
  • How to achieve the ‘perfect 3-way relationship between licensor, licensee and retailer.

Training / Presentations:

  • Negotiation training (through roleplay).
  • Presenting to large audiences at licensing events and the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy (PJAE).
  • Assisting entrepreneurs with their pitch in preparation prior to appearing on Dragons Den.

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